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After-sales training

Technical training

Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is responsible for the training of friction stir welding technology inside and outside the company, including:

1. Friction stir welding technology and welding process control.

2. The connection mechanism of FSW.

3. Friction stir welding composite processing.

4. Friction stir welding inspection.

5. New method and technology of friction stir welding.

After-sales training

Offline training

Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will organize offline welding technology training on a regular basis, and invite Taiwan's doctors and saifoster's experts to come for process training. We sincerely invite customers to attend the meeting, and we can bring products to attend the meeting. After the meeting, we can ask questions about the specific process optimization of the products and what we don't understand about FSW.